Neat and Tidy

The garden is neat and tidy – certainly not me. Boy, have I worked hard this afternoon!


Genepi here. Blog is having a nap, so I’ve hijacked his blog. He’s going to be livid, but hey ho. Wanted to tell you that I just had a smashing time doing one of my All Time Favourite Jobs – strimming. Andy did the swaying from side to side bit, holding the thing, and I did the running around in circles and barking a lot bit.


Andy helping me with the strimming

Hard graft but very satisfying – gardening can be like that, can’t it. Wonder if I’ll ever get clean.


We stopped work briefly because of an Interruption. This baby bird had flown into a window, and was all dazed and confused. Dallas comforted it for about 5 minutes, it came round and flew off. Phew.


we’re thinking that this is a baby blackbird

Looks like Blog is coming round too – best go!


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