California Dreaming

California tossing and turning more like. We are just back from an Experiment, namely : Can 2 x humans and 2 x border collies live in comfort and harmony, on the road, in a VW California camper van for a few days?

The conclusion seems to be ‘mostly’.

VW_van_1A pristine, white camper van turned up last Tuesday, and I quickly commandeered the back seat. Excellent viewing possibilities -paws on the kicheney bit, good view through side window – hail all oncoming white vans and lorries. It was also to be my bed. Very nice.

Genepi was consigned to the floor, and took up position between the driver and passenger seats – either of which she later used as her bed.


Once loaded with a surprisingly modest amount of stuff, off we set, heading west into the Basque Country. Plus Point No 1 for campervaning is that we can head off wherever we like – there does not have to be a Plan. We headed off to the sunshine.

The van came with a guidebook to something called France Passion, which lists all sorts of stopover places – all free, and in places like vineyards and farms. Dallas decided we should head for St Pee sur Nivelle – Genepi thinks this is hilarious. And we found the site, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, up high on a sheep farm.VW_pee_2

Minus Point No 1 is that we seem to have to stay on our leads. We were in the middle of the countryside, nothing but fells and rivers, precious little traffic. Just herds of sheep grazing peacefully. They seems to be able to roam freely – why not us? Dallas mentioned something about a video clip called Jesus Christ Fenton  ( – and we must stay tethered.

That evening I was taken for my customary wee wee walk, only this time it wasn’t just me who availed myself of the grassy banks. Minus Point No 2 (for the humans) is that the camper van lacks some basic facilities.

It was all VERY peaceful and quiet. They enjoyed beers and saucisson as the sun set over the Pyrenees, and Dallas whipped up dinner in the mini kitchen. As darkness fell, the two camper van novices started fettling their sleeping quarters.

This is the upstairs bit of the van – opened up electronically, and the bedding fed up above the cab. Clambering up there was not a lesson in grace and modesty. Glad I was downstairs. Especially when the wind picked up and could be heard whistling through the rafters.


Anyway, they emerged from Above the following morning – and we were all soon off on another wee wee walk. Breakfast prepared, it was time to break camp and work out where to go next.

Lets go to Spain – y viva espana    (to be continued)…

7 thoughts on “California Dreaming

  1. Cocoa says:

    Absolutely cracking blog, Blog. The picture of Genepi made me laugh out loud. Going to show this to the humans as always fancied a trip in a VW like yours. x Cocoa

  2. Would love to get away in a camper van with our doggy Hugo. Don’t know if he would be as well behaved as yours. We are going to take him tent camping in June. 🙂

    • I have never had the phrase ‘well behaved’ used in connection with my dogs before 🙂 They just love the great outdoors. In Part 2 of the blog post (coming soon), they are let off the leash. Wonderful moment.
      I look forward to reading about the tent camping – will Hugo have his own tent kennel?

      • 🙂 looking fwd to part two! Hugo will have his own tent bedroom….as there are two bedrooms in the tent.Hopefully it will be a success.Yours looked like they enjoyed their trip.x

  3. Hi Blog! Oh, what fun! On the road with your humans. Tell Genepi I would LOVE to meet her…but there is that Atlantic Ocean separating us…sigh…

    • Hi Magic, I asked Dallas if we could drive over to meet you – but she says it is WAY TOO far, even with a camper van. Genepi would love to meet you too – I think you two would play and play and play. Blog

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