Collies crossing the Border

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Day Two of the Camper Van Experiment has seen us cross the border into Spain. Landing initially in San Sebastian, a picturesque seaside resort on the Atlantic coast.  VW_sanseb_11

Arriving in the centre, it immediately felt too urban – cars, people, businesses, busyness. We stopped at one end of Bay of La Concha and took a walk to look back at the town. Cracking view, and we were rewarded by a sculpture called The Wind Comb.


Happening upon a small coastal road that ran above the cliffs, we continued westwards and stopped at a place called Zarautz. This was more like it. Smaller, quieter, with a beautiful beach and plenty of grass.


It has to be admitted that we opted for the ease of a camp site – with luxuries such as toilets and hot showers. Bliss (for the humans). The parking spot was on a headland overlooking the sea and the beach, with the mountains on the other side. Gorgeous.


And – deep joy, we could be let off our leads – hooray!


The camp site was practically deserted, just a few other camper vans – all MASSIVE compared to ours. Most folk seemed to have a doggie or two with them. All this running about is thirsty work – time to investigate the local bar, check out the cervezas and the basque tapas, of course. These are called pintxos.


And work out what we do tomorrow (to be continued).


5 thoughts on “Collies crossing the Border

    • Hi Magic, Dallas says that I am only Most Wanted for my devilish good lucks and engaging persona (haha) – oh, and a couple of rabbit murders. I have my own passport, you know. Blog

  1. Lizzy Thomas says:

    Hi there, do you still use this blog? I would love to contact you to ask a few questions about border collies (I have an 18 week old white faced blue eyed collie). Many thanks & hope you are well, Liz.

      • Lizzy Thomas says:

        Thanks for the reply, that is great! Do you use twitter or do you have a direct email I could contact you? I would like to show you a few pics of my puppy to find out your opinion on a few issues. Have you always tended to have white faced collies & have you ever experienced health issues with them? My girl Bronwen has 2 blue eyes (her Mum had 1 blue & 1 brown & the father to our knowledge had 2 brown eyes). What is bizarre is that out of a litter of 7 pups Bronwen was the only pup to have blue eyes & a white face! The rest of the pups were traditional black/white border collies (with 2 tri-coloureds in there as well). She also has very unusual facial markings (like black/grey spots on her ear). In general she is a pretty unusual looking sheepdog lol! Look forward to hearing from you 🙂 Lizzy x (my email is if it is easier to contact that way)

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