Its a Boy, and a Girl, and another Girl, and another Girl…


I can proudly announce that I am now officially Granddad Blog. Gibsie gave birth to 8 puppies a few days ago. Two boys and six girls. All healthy, squeaky fur balls, in various markings of black and white.

Gibsie is made-up. She is well chuffed with herself (rightly so) and is doing an excellent job of caring for her brood. Although I hear today that she feels like a bit of time off – not for another 8 weeks or so, Gibsie!

All my own work

Here they are less than one day old. They took about 10 hours to arrive, and Gibsie coped really well, delivering nearly 3 kilos of puppy.

One is more Dalmatian than Border Collie…


The two boys have mostly black coats, whereas the girls have all sorts of patterns. Here is Lucky, the first born…







8 thoughts on “Its a Boy, and a Girl, and another Girl, and another Girl…

  1. Just before they were born, Mum was very big and swollen, with a strangely noisy belly. Then straight after the pups arrived she just snapped right back in to her pre-pregnant size and shape. Amazing.

    • Thanks – I will be covering their development over the next few weeks. Especially the moment they find their way out of the birthing box – seeing 8 border collie puppies unleashed into the wider world of shoes, spectacles and all things chewable. Should be fun – ha!

    • Ha – you may not be so keen to keep all 8 in about 4 weeks time, when their eyes are open, romping all over the lounge, chewing everything in sight, playing non-stop. Certainly cuter than they are now, but quite a handful.

    • And they are becoming more and more beautiful day by day – its amazing to see their different characters emerging. Their availability was only announced a few days ago, and already owners have come forward for both boys and two of the girls. Its a bitter sweet process finding new homes for them, knowing one day soon that they will be off to pastures new, probably never looking back to their first home.

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