Feeling alot less ruff

Just back from the ophthalmologist, who was very pleased with my progress. He put a stain in my eye, and could see that the affected area had diminished quite a bit in 3 days.

neon green - on trend, but not really my colour?

neon green – on trend, but not really my colour?

So, the Good News is that I am on the mend, and ….  drum roll …. I can lose the collar. Hurrah! Andy and Dallas said they found it tiresome that I kept crashing into furniture, misjudging doors and bashing into the backs of their legs.

Huh – THEY found it tiresome – what about me!

Question now is what to do with the hateful lump of plastic. I’d like to destroy it, smash it to smithereens. Brainiac-style. Dallas thinks we might be able to re-purpose it (dreadful expression). But what could it be used for?


Please let me know if you have any eyedeas (thanks Uncle Graham)

Love, Bloggie the Free

3 thoughts on “Feeling alot less ruff

  1. isabervignaux says:

    Hi Blog, the free 😉

    I’m so happy to hear the last news about your eye, and that you are delivered from the ugly collar !… could be use also (with a plate at the bottom) as a big bowl , which could be used of course after your diet ;))

    Hope to see you soon Daddy,

    Gibsie and co…

    • Hello Gibsie, my gorgeous girl. Thank you for your eyedea – not bad. You are very cheeky referring to my recent weight gain – I am told that Bloggie Boot Camp will happen soon – 4 kilos to lose. A bientot, Blog

  2. Hey Blog DUDE! I had that stain put in my last summer…after I walked into some thorn bushes. I needed the collar, too. I could hear better, though. -Cody

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