Walking with Destiny

One of my very favouritest places in all the world is The Lake.

We go there often, and run and run. And swim and paddle. Chase fish. And birds.

Genepi rescues drowning sticks. Often we have the whole place to ourselves.


Today we had some Special Visitors.

Let me introduce Destiny, my No. 1 lady. Mother of my children. We had a planned pregnancy. Six kids in all.


She brought our daughter, Gibsie (Genepi’s sister), together with the Big Aunties, Eden and Delphi.


And we all went to The Lake, all 6 of us. Plus Dallas and Isabel, our chauffeurs.


Genepi and Gibsie played racing games. They are both dead fast. And they love being together.

Destiny did sticks. I did my own thing. And the Big Aunties had a play fight.


Eden is a Pyrenean Mountain Dog (with a hint of polar bear). Delphi is a softie, with gorgeous eyes (don’t tell Destiny I said that).


Neat and Tidy

The garden is neat and tidy – certainly not me. Boy, have I worked hard this afternoon!


Genepi here. Blog is having a nap, so I’ve hijacked his blog. He’s going to be livid, but hey ho. Wanted to tell you that I just had a smashing time doing one of my All Time Favourite Jobs – strimming. Andy did the swaying from side to side bit, holding the thing, and I did the running around in circles and barking a lot bit.


Andy helping me with the strimming

Hard graft but very satisfying – gardening can be like that, can’t it. Wonder if I’ll ever get clean.


We stopped work briefly because of an Interruption. This baby bird had flown into a window, and was all dazed and confused. Dallas comforted it for about 5 minutes, it came round and flew off. Phew.


we’re thinking that this is a baby blackbird

Looks like Blog is coming round too – best go!