About Blog

My name is Blog. I am dog. I am French. Which makes me Bloggy the Froggy Doggy. I am 8 years old.


Hello : Bonjour

Home is in the sprawling countryside of south-west France. There’s a lot of Outside for me to patrol and keep safe. I love being in the open air, checking on the animals, doing chores, especially if it involves a hosepipe. I draw the line at noisy machinery.

I also like being Inside. Working on my writing.


Watching TV (especially football / soccer)


come on you blues!

Though I like playing it more


I live with Andy and Dallas (they are People) and we get on great. I also have to live with Genepi, who is another Border Collie and who happens to be my daughter, but you wouldn’t think it to look at her. She has mismatched eyes (which some people seem to find charming) and she’s usually a tatty mess. And a right pest.



normal for Genepi





4 thoughts on “About Blog

    • Thanks, Cody. I like this picture too. I think I look all pensive and intelligent. Dallas says its more like I’m daydreaming, wondering if its time for tea and biscuits yet. Huh.

  1. And…Genepi is a GORGEOUS girl. You are both EXQUISITE examples of the breed. Complimentary memberships in THE ORDER OF THE BLACK EYE PATCH to you both!!! -Cody

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