Position Filled

The recent vacancy for a suitor for young Gibsie has been filled by a dashing chap from the other side of Toulouse – a 2 year old hunk with piercing blue eyes, known as Iliot. The Border Collie equivalent of Daniel Craig.


Sporty, agile, playful and affectionate – excellent boyfriend material.


They have been cavorting now for the past two days. Iliot fulfilled the brief with consummate ease, so all being well she is ‘with pups’. Fingers crossed. The happy event should be just this side of Easter.




Tricky moment for a Dad

It seems that one of my little girls is considering becoming a Mum. Its Genepi’s favourite sister Gibsie. She has a mainly white face (except when its splattered with mud) and she has a really sweet temperament.


Gibsie – still pure as the driven snow

The gossip is that she has been courting a chap called Eden these past few days. But it seems that he is not much interested in going beyond the ‘holding hands’ stage. In fact he has proved so useless that their brief romance has been called off.

So there is now a major panic to find a beau toute suite. Apparently a male in the next village has been considered, but he is 12 and rumoured to be having trouble with his daddy parts.

The search is on. The heat is on!

Meanwhile, my little Gibsie remains single – and I don’t have to get my head around becoming a Grandad.