Border Patrol


Mouse is now allowed outside. Its a big, dangerous world out there. And she is just a tiny, young thing. Clearly she will need protecting.


Please don’t climb too high.


Genepi and I have volunteered ourselves as her Body Guards. Genepi is a bit half-hearted about it. I, on the other hand, am taking it very seriously.


I’m not going to let her out of my sight. Right behind you, Mouse.


Mouse: ‘Thank you very much Nanny Blog – you are an excellent watchdog, but I can’t help feeling a little bit stalked’


Peace at last – in my Watering Can of Sanctuary

5 thoughts on “Border Patrol

    • Hi Cody, the thing with Genepi is that she has 2 main activities when we are in the garden, and very little can distract her from those. Full marks for her dedication, but she could be a tad more open. Activity One is her hobby and passion – Sticks – she is borderline obsessive. Activity Two is perhaps a real job – Looking after the Swimming Pool. She patrols round and round, sort of herding the water. At the moment there’s a bunch of swallows who like to swoop down and have a sip of water. This make her REALLY REALLY annoyed – grand theft aqua. Mouse is very low priority compared to that. Blog

  1. Cocoa says:

    Not fair, I get into trouble for trying to do any cat protection! So much so they have put up gates and fences – big stupid borders!!

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