A big white box

blog_mouse_box2Dallas came home with a mysterious big white box. She muttered something about Christmas. Surely its a bit early for presents?

She put it down on the grass, and we went to investigate. Judging from Mouse’s reaction the box isn’t empty!


It was taken over to the hen enclosure, opened up…


And out popped this handsome (?) fellow. Not a hen or a cock, but a capon. He is 8 weeks old.


Poor chap had an operation a couple of weeks ago, when they cut off his bits. There won’t be any baby chicks or cock-a-doodle-doing. The idea is to fatten him up, ready for Christmas Dinner.

What are the chances of that, I wonder?

He came from a local poultry farm, which produces all manner of ducks, hens, guinea fowl, geese etc. It was Dallas’ first visit and the very kind farmer showed her around. This is the capon hut.


Normally they are outside in the fields, but because today is Pick-Up day they stayed indoors, ready to be united with their new owners.

Our capon should be fine to live in harmony with the Chicky Girls, and be free to graze during the day. I will report back on that.

His name is Baubles.

6 thoughts on “A big white box

  1. Cocoa says:


    Been meaning to respond for a while, but family keep disturbing my routine. Cheek of it – they even left me in kennels last week when they went to Durham. Don’t see why I couldn’t have gone. Then guess what? – they come home and show me a picture of a hand pump (see my email with attachment) – my IT skills not that good – could not get it into this reply!!

    So am thinking of painting myself black and white to make a point!!! Grum will be pleased.

    • Hi Cocoa – good to hear from you. What an enlightened bit of beer marketing. Wouldn’t mind a taste of High House Farm’s Black Moss myself, and am intrigued by the Cyril the Magnificent. There was a Timothy Taylor delivery here the other day, which sparked some excitement.
      Don’t paint yourself – just go on the interweb and order yourself a doggie Newcastle United shirt. Grum will be delighted. Blog

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