The day the well caught fire


We had just finished our early morning walk, when it sounded like Chinese New Year at the bottom of the garden. Loud bangs, flashes, puffs of smoke and flames.


Electricity + Water = Sound & Light

The drama was centred around a little building which is a pumping station, or used to be. It sits above a natural spring and well, and once supplied the whole village with water. It is no longer in use, and we were told that the electricity had been cut off years ago. Which seems to not be the case.

Andy called the Electricity Company, and they promised to arrive sometime today. I was shepherded inside and got on with my bowl of Blog Flakes. The fireworks continued. Bang, bang, splutter, fizz. Somewhat surprisingly the EDF were with us within about an hour, saw the fire and Rushed!

well_5Hats off to them for their prompt service. Electricity to the house was restored and I was allowed back outside to do some Patrolling and other important stuff.



3 thoughts on “The day the well caught fire

  1. solarbeez says:

    I’m glad your day ended well. (pun intended)
    I love that picture of sunflowers behind you. See any bees on them? Uh, what’s your name and how do I tell the difference between you and your sibling?

    • Haha, thanks. We are surrounded by sunflowers at the moment – and yes, there are plenty of bees. It is highly likely that a bee-on-sunflower picture will be posted very shortly.

      My name is Blog (so it was only natural that I had to start a blog), and the other dog is Genepi and she is my daughter. I have sticky-up ears, matching eyes and am generally clean & tidy. She on the other hand has floppy ears, one blue eye and one brown and is often covered in mud / seeds / grass cuttings / water. There is more information about us under About Blog.

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